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Key Strengths

The Hummingbird system integrates big data, cloud computing, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. It uses eight key risk control engines to tailor credit decisions based on specific scenarios and parameters.

Big Data Accurate Analysis

Cloud Computing Instant Response

Blockchain Information-Sharing

AI driven underwriting

Eight Key Risk Control Engines

Interception engine

Anti-fraud engine

Big data engine

User portrait engine

Scorecard engine

Compliance engine

Decisioning engine

Machine-learning engine

Hummingbird Standard Products

Devices risk control

Identity verification

Big data

Authorization verification

Variables output

Credit evaluation

Risky profile

Risk control report

Credit score

Credit-enhanced service

Cloud platform

H5 Solution

SDK Solution

SAAS Solution

Hummingbird Cooperation Models


Acquiring high-quality customers for our partner


Product and system innovation driving responsible risk control services

Risk Management

Customized risk control services